7,500 m3/day BWRO Desalination Plant (Khuzestan Province)



Client Khuzestan Water & Wastewater Company
Contract Supply of potable water for the city of Hendijan
Contract type B.O.O. (Build, Operate & Own)
Financing bank Export development bank of Iran
Contract awarded 2007 and 2015
Duration required to start up 6 months
Contract period 7 years form start up. The contract was re-won for an additional 10 years in 2015.
Contractual capacity 5,000 m3/day for the first contract, and increased to 7,500 m3/day for the second contract


1. Project process: The raw water is taken from the Zohreh River, and after pretreatment, is stored in a 4000 m3 concrete tank. It is then conducted to activated carbon filters and BWRO skids via a pumping station and transfer pipeline. The permeate water is transferred to a 4000 m3 storage tank and subsequently enters the Hendijan's distribution network.

2. Main components: Raw water pump station and transfer pipeline, chemical dosing unit, activated carbon filters, cartridge filters, high pressure pumps, pressure vessels and membranes, PLC system, CIP unit, storage tanks, permeate water pump station and pipelines.

3. Associated companies: the design and equipment are supplied by Axiom, Austria. All other endeavors are carried out by NVCo.

  • OHSAS-18001
  • M.I.S
  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-14001
  • ISO-10006
  • HSE-MS
  • ISO-10015

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